Project Background
A New Business Journey:
Kim Horvath has been making spicy jams and mustards for years, but recently looked to officially begin selling her products to the public. Taking a home creation to the general public is no small feat and involves coordination between production facilities and government officials. Kim wanted to start small, focusing on selling her products at local farmers' markets before taking them to store shelves and online.
Dylan's Role:
Dylan has known the Horvath's for a while and connected with Kim as she needed labels made for her jars. These labels would need to represent the brand, which already had a logo, and contain all of the nutrition and legal information required by the FDA. There were four labels needing to be created, one for each of the offered products.
Dylan's Spark: Graphic Design
Dylan simplistically designed the labels. The product name, weight, and nutrition information comprise the vast majority of the space. This means that the remaining space needed to be filled in a meaningful manner. Dylan opted to add a fun fact to each label relating to the primary ingredient found in the jam or mustard. The copy and applicable vector took up the remaining space on the labels.
To add color to the labels, Dylan created a subtle gradient matching the color of each of Kim's projects. The gradient is the same color family fading in intensity from left to right. This adds dimension to the labels and creates movement that is noticeable even at a passing glance.
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